Scam warning: Algo-trading machine

While researching my previous post I came across the following site: http://www.algotradingmachine.com/

It claims to send you a number of stocks to buy every morning in return for a monthly subscription fee. The stock picks are supposedly based on an algorithmic analysis done by highly sophisticated computers.

This offering has all the makings of a scam:

  • Outrageous promises, such as that there is no risk involved. NO investment professional would EVER promise you a no-risk product in speculative markets. NOT EVER.
  • In reality they only claim to give you your subscription fee back. You still carry the risk of all your trades. Such misleading statements would not be used by true professionals.
  • A cleverly hidden disclaimer contradicts the claims of riches and no risk and will result in victims not being able to reclaim their money when they find the promised wealth does not materialize.
  • The disclaimer also makes it clear that the “profit” statements shown are only simulations. This is not shown anywhere else, and is highly deceptive.
  • The so-called professionals behind the scheme who are supposedly the best in their field are never mentioned, so we cannot confirm this claim.
  • Testimonials shown do not have their authors identified. There is no way to know if these are not made up.
  • The strategy is supposed based on “Fundamental Analysis” like that used by Warren Buffet. In reality algorithmic strategies generally are not based on fundamental analysis, which in any case would not really work for short holding periods of only a day.
  • Claims that price will soon increase based on high demand are supposed to encourage you act quickly. This is just playing psychological tricks.
  • Gaudy and glaring website design with overly huge fonts, too much info on a single page, and the use of post scripts point to tomfoolery.

DO NOT subscribe to this service. You have been warned.

I have not found any official sources confirming my suspicion. If you can either confirm or correct me (and prove it), please do so.

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